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Photo of Carolyn Gough Carolyn Gough Administrator, Teaching & Learning 801-567-8122

Staff Assistant Administrators

Photo of Amanda Bollinger Amanda Bollinger Staff Assistant, Elementary 801-567-8109
Photo of Christen Richards-Khong Christen Richards-Khong Staff Assistant, AP / Concurrent / IB / Secondary 801-567-8158

Consultant Administrators

Photo of Brandee Bergum Brandee Bergum Consultant, Secondary Language Arts 801-567-8152
Photo of Jared Covili Jared Covili Consultant, Digital Learning 801-567-8191
Photo of Michele Daly Michele Daly Consultant, Dual Lang Immersion (DLI) 801-567-8129
Photo of Norman Emerson Norman Emerson Consultant, ISS / Fine Arts (Music) / Drama 801-567-8364
Photo of Jane Harward Jane Harward Consultant, Health / Science / STEM / P.E. 801-567-8169
Photo of Amy Kinder Amy Kinder Consultant, Math 801-567-8469
Photo of Rebecca Lee Rebecca Lee Consultant, JPAS, Evaluations, Mentors 801-567-8369
Photo of Michelle Lovell Michelle Lovell Consultant, Elem Lang Arts K-3 801-567-8087
Photo of Kaye Rizzuto Kaye Rizzuto Consultant, Social Studies, World Languages 801-567-8320
Photo of Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith Consultant, ALPS, Gifted & Talented, Mentors, Prof Dev 801-567-8368

Administrator on Special Assignment

Photo of Todd Theobald Todd Theobald Admin on Special Assignment 801-567-8247

Administrative Assistants

Photo of RaeGene Berry RaeGene Berry Digital Learning, Science, STEM 801-567-8366
Photo of Sara Henderson Sara Henderson Dual Immersion, Literacy, Social Studies 801-567-8161
Photo of Camille Kartchner Camille Kartchner ALPS, Gift & Talented 801-567-8138
Photo of Leann Nelson Leann Nelson Administrative Assistant 801-567-8367
Photo of Chris Westra Chris Westra Admin Asst, AP/ Concurrent /IB/ JPLS/LPIC/ESPPIC 801-567-8657
Photo of Michelle Williams Michelle Williams Math 801-567-8365

Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program Specialists

Photo of Linda Gold Linda Gold BTSALP Specialist 801-567-8408
Photo of Jana Shumway Jana Shumway BTSALP Specialist 801-567-8283

Digital Learning Specialists

Photo of Kiera Beddes Kiera Beddes Secondary 801-567-8264
Photo of Colby Hawkins Colby Hawkins Secondary 801-567-8273
Photo of Bonnie Muir Bonnie Muir Elementary 801-567-8726
Photo of Larisa Nageli Larisa Nageli Elementary 801-567-8774
Photo of Traci Rindlisbach Traci Rindlisbach Computer Science 801-567-8621
Photo of Ross Rogers Ross Rogers Secondary 801-567-8759
Photo of Deanna Taylor Deanna Taylor Elementary 801-567-8773

Dual Language Immersion Specialist

Photo of Diego Benites Diego Benites Specialist, Spanish Dual Lang Immersion (DLI) 801-567-8248

Gifted and Talented Specialists

Photo of Taryn Cox Taryn Cox Specialist 801-567-8468
Photo of Frankie Walton Frankie Walton Gifted & Talented Specialist 801-567-8319

Literacy Specialists

Photo of Megan Hamilton Megan Hamilton Literacy Specialist K-6 801-567-8250
Photo of Jaclyn Johnson Jaclyn Johnson Literacy Specialist, K-6 801-567-8278
Photo of Toni Lasater Toni Lasater Literacy Specialist K-6 801-567-8252
Photo of Lori McCarty Lori McCarty Literacy Specialist, K-6 801-567-8291
Photo of Stacy Selk Stacy Selk Literacy Specialist, K-6 801-567-8279
Photo of Melanie Smith Melanie Smith Literacy Specialist, K 801-567-8274
Photo of Natalie Walker Natalie Walker Literacy Specialist, K-6 801-567-8276
Photo of Karen Walter Karen Walter Literacy Specialist, K-3 801-567-8119

Math Specialists

Photo of Dawn Barson Dawn Barson Math Specialist, Secondary 801-567-8349
Photo of Melissa Garber Melissa Garber Math Specialist, Elementary 801-567-8170
Photo of  Orla Hurley  Orla Hurley Math Specialist, Elementary 801-567-8668

Media Specialists

Photo of Denise Anderson Denise Anderson Media Specialist, Elementary 801-567-8293
Photo of Deanna Higham Deanna Higham Specialist, Elem Media / South Jordan Elem 801-254-8000
Photo of Wendi Smart Wendi Smart Media Specialist 801-567-8237

Mentor Specialists

Photo of Judy Jackman Judy Jackman Mentor Specialist, Secondary Teachers & Special Schools 801-567-8171
Photo of Becca Kirkman Becca Kirkman Mentor Specialist, Secondary Teachers 801-567-8134
Photo of Tricia Ricks Tricia Ricks Mentor Specialist, Elem Teachers / Gifted Spec 801-567-8123
Photo of Amy Wood Amy Wood Mentor Specialist, Elem & Middle

Science Specialists

Photo of Lynn Gutzwiller Lynn Gutzwiller Elementary Science Specialist 801-567-8421
Photo of Tori Johnson Tori Johnson Science Specialist, Secondary 801-567-8466

STEM Specialists

Photo of Rachael Coleman Rachael Coleman STEM Specialist 801-567-8168
Photo of Stacy Pierce Stacy Pierce STEM/PREP Specialist 801-567-8629

No entries found.

Photo of Denise Anderson Denise Anderson Media Specialist, Elementary 801-567-8293
Photo of Deanna Higham Deanna Higham Specialist, Elem Media / South Jordan Elem 801-254-8000
Photo of Wendi Smart Wendi Smart Media Specialist 801-567-8237