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Courses Offered Through JSD

Courses Offered Through JSD

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to enrollment in a Canvas course, please make sure you are able to log into Canvas. Please click on username will be your JSD email address and the password you use for JSD accounts. If your password does not work, please click on "Forgot Password?" Follow the steps and you will be able to reset your password. 

 JSD Suicide Prevention  |  Getting Started with Canvas  |  Adobe in Education  |  Digital Citizenship  |  Getting to Know Nearpod  |  Common Sense Media  | Google Tools  | 

COURSE: JSD Suicide Prevention Training -- Self-enroll in the course by logging into Canvas at:

Jordan School DIstrict's Health and Wellness Department has provided an online training course on suicide prevention. From the Health and Wellness Department,

"It takes everyone to prevent suicide. We all play a part in keeping each other safe. We hope that you can use this training in your personal and professional life. Please, recognize that your role is vital to our success in preventing suicide and you do NOT have to be a mental health professional to intervene and support others who may be struggling." 

Any employee, under the direction of their administrator,  is welcome to join and participate.



COURSE: ESP - Getting Started With Canvas -- Self Enroll in the course  by logging into Canvas at

This course is available so that you can learn about Canvas and assist teachers in their online efforts. Participants will learn how to design and deliver an online course and manage student assignments using Canvas LMS. 

  • Introduction to Canvas
  • Module 1 - Creating Content in Canvas
  • Module 2 - Content Pages and Multimedia
  • Module 3 - Creating Student Activities in Canvas
  • Module 4 - Assessing Student Learning in Canvas
  • Module 5 - Copying, Sharing, Importing, Exporting, and Help
  • Module 6 - Canvas Communication Tools and More


COURSE: ESP - Adobe in Education -- Self Enroll in course by logging into Canvas at

Adobe products are currently made available to all Jordan School District employees and students in 7th - 12th Grade. This course guides participants in learning the basics of Adobe products and how they might be used in classrooms with student learning.

  • Module 1 - Become an Adobe Campus Leader
  • Module 2 - Get Started Now: Adobe Creativity in Every Class
  • Module 3 - Get Started: Digital Storytelling with Your Class (Spark)Module 4 - Get Started: Digital Publishing with Your Students (Adobe InDesign)
  • Module 5 - Get Started: Design Fun Apps with Your Students (Adobe XD)
  • Module 6 - Get Started: Classroom Video on Mobile (Adobe Premier Rush)
  • Module 7 - Get Started: Create Digital Images with Your Class (Photoshop)
  • Module 8 - Get Started: Augment Reality with Your Students (Adobe Aero)
  • Module 9 - Get Started: Design Graphics with Your Students (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Module 10 - Get Creative with Adobe Spark
  • Module 11 - Final Reflection


COURSE: ESP - Digital Citizenship -- Self enroll in this course by logging into Canvas at
Description - In this course participants will learn what digital citizenship is, how to become  responsible digital citizens, and how to talk with others openly about cyberbullying and potential pitfalls of social media. Participants will learn how to model digital citizenship and develop tools and lessons to use with individuals of all ages.

  • Canvas Overview
  • Module 1 - What is Digital Citizenship?
  • Module 2 - Digital Citizenship Standards
  • Module 3 - Positive Student Engagement
  • Module 4 - Tools and Resources
  • Module 5 - Teaching Digital Citizenship
  • Module 6 - Putting it all Together .


COURSE:  ESP - Getting to know Nearpod -- Self enroll in the course by logging into Canvas at

Description - This course will help participants learn Nearpod can be used for high-quality instruction. Understanding the basics of the Nearpod platform empowers those who use it to facilitate intentional and thoughtful engagement with the curriculum through technology.

  • Activity 1 - Get to Know Nearpod
  • Activity 2 - Add Content to Get to Know Nearpod
  • Activity 3 - What is Nearpod?
  • Activity 4 - How Does Nearpod Work?
  • Activity 5 - What do you think?
  • Activity 6 - Logging into Nearpod
  • Activity 7 - Navigating the Nearpod Home Menu
  • Activity 8 - Setting up your Account Options
  • Activity 9 - Navigating the Nearpod Store
  • Activity 10 - Editing Presentations from the Nearpod Store
  • Activity 11 - Launching a Live or Student-Paced Nearpod Lesson
  • Activity 12 - Nearpod Libraries
  • Activity 13 - Best Practices: Classroom Management with Nearpod
  • Activity 14 - Designing a Beautiful Lesson
  • Activity 15 - Slides in Nearpod
  • Activity 16 - Interactive Activities in Nearpod
  • Activity 17 - Web Content in Nearpod
  • Activity 18 - Accessing Nearpod Reports (new)
  • Activity 19 - Additional Information
  • Activity 20 - Flipgrid Tutorial
  • Activity 21 - Nearpod Possible Flip Hunt


COURSE:  ESP - Common Sense Media -- Self enroll in this course by logging into Canvas at

Description - Common Sense Media is one of the major providers of digital citizenship training in the United States. They provide high-quality digital literacy and citizenship programs. In order to promote and support the safe and appropriate use of digital tools within the Jordan School District, we are providing this introduction to Common Sense Media.

  • Module 1 - Common Sense Media Educator - Teacher Leader
  • Module 2 - Why Digital Citizenship? Why Common Sense Media?
  • Module 3 - Learn
  • Module 4 - Do
  • Module 5 - Reflect and Apply
  • Module 6 - Additional JSD Certificate Requirement
  • Module 7 - Nearpod Lessons Common Sense Media


COURSE: ESP - Google Tools Course . -- Self Enroll in this course by logging into Canvas at 

Description - Course participants will learn the functionality of the following Google Apps for Education tools available to students and employees in the Jordan School District and apply those applications in educational and professional settings.

  • Module 1 - Getting Started
  • Module 2 - Google Chrome
  • Module 3 - Gmail
  • Module 4 - Calendar
  • Module 5 - Drive
  • Module 6 - Docs
  • Module 7 - Sheets
  • Module 8 - Forms
  • Module 9 - Slides
  • Module 10 - Sites
  • Module 11 - Keep and Task